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IEF buffer (cathod and anode) for range 4-6 - (Mar/06/2009 )


i trying to develop a IEF method using ampholytes 4-6 can anyone suggest suitable Buffers/electrolytes (for anode and cathode) ???

thanks a lot



I dint get your question, Are you talking about rehydration buffer? Generally the sample is dissolved in rehydration buffer which contains urea, thiourea and CHAPS.


hi amj2 ,

what i would like to know is that for given range of ampholytes (4-6) what anode and cathod buffers should i use for running the IEF??

(note:- i am not doing IPG experiment is simple "Isoelectric focusing" using carrier ampholytes)

thanks a lot


according to the information available from ge healthcare, acetic acid for the anode and naoh for the cathode (0.5M each).

see this manual.
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