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Tool for manipulating trees on Linux - (Mar/03/2009 )

I want to add information to a NJ-tree (in Nexus format) and insert it into a paper. unfortunately if do not know how I can manipulate the information written in the tree. For the windows-Version of the tree I heard that it is possible to simply copy everything from NJplot into grafic-programms, which afterward find each textfield as a single object where other bootstrap-values can be added.
I also tried ATV and treeview, but none of them supported it. I also thought using PS or PDF-Files, but didn't find a suitable tools
Im working with open Office.

Thanks in advance


Have a look here . A software collection, though it also disentangles the software by OS, linux is still missing (I guess many of these phylogenetics dudes use anyway only macs). But if you look in the descriptions of the programs (and homepages of the software) of which you think they do the job, then there is normally mentioned which OS is supported.
TreeSnacher works for example under Linux too.


Does MEGA exist for Linux?!?


Harvardstudent on Mar 5 2009, 12:14 AM said:

Does MEGA exist for Linux?!?

Look here:


This tool is very useful, it's written in java, so you can use in every OS.

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