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Dye recipe that can be used for PCR MM - (Feb/25/2009 )

Does anybody have a homemade recipe for a dye that can be used in PCRs and doesn't interfere with the reaction? We are using these Qiagen kits that come with this Coral Loading dye that you can include in the PCR master mix so you don't have to bother adding dye to every tube after the reaction is over, and was just wondering if anybody had some homemade stuff. Thanks!


I think you may add trace amount of phenol red. I had not tried it.


I believe the dye commonly used is cresol red. I have heard that there are issues with the purity of many commercial sources, however, and it may need to be further purified before use.


We use cresol red and it doesnot interefere with PCR. Actually it was a protocol we got from our core facility.