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current impact factor list? - (Feb/23/2009 )

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hey everyone -

I was hoping to find a link to an updated list using the search tool, but nothing more current than 2005 popped up for me.

does anyone have a good link? if it's not a big hassle, would you please post it here?

thank you


Check your PM.


bioforum on Feb 23 2009, 05:46 PM said:

Check your PM.

I wish you had sent it here so we could download it too. I need it too. :D


Yes, I would also like the list to find out what top journals I won't be publishing in this year :-D.

-miRNA man-

Yes pls provide a list over here.


to all:

impact list check this website. I use this one for the impact lists. The latest list is 2007 list, however they do not make seperate lists for different catergories.

If you want a list that uses different categories you need to check this one, but thats only updated till 2003-2006 depending on the category.

good luck with it.


Thanks!This was helpful.




Hey guyz.... I have got 2008 Impact Factor list pdf arranged alphabetically. Hope its useful
Attached File


How come they don't mention PLOS One?

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