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Brown/Opaque 10 or 15ml tubes - (Feb/22/2009 )


Does anyone know where I might find some (preferrably) 10ml tubes that are opaque or brown for use with light sensitive reagents? (As opposed to alfoiling normal 10ml centrifuge tubes).
Sarstedt doesn't seem to have them (They have 2ml tubes which are very handy, but not 10ml).

Suppliers in Australia preferred!

Thanks :D



When we had that problem ~10 years ago I went out side with the tubes and black spray paint.
I really thought that some one started to manufacture them since then.


sarstedt has the 10 ml tubes (available from fisher). you could also check the sarstedt website for the 50 ml tubes.

oops, just noticed you said 15 ml, not 50 ml. disregard that part. but call sarstedt to confirm. i found their website to be less than intuitive and incomplete, and it may not be up-to-date.


As my PhD lab was incredibly cheap, we would just use tinfoil to cover the tubes. Typically, we would use the heavy-duty aluminium foil and that would generally do the trick.

Gotta love the cheap route!



I dont know if you can use amber glass vials?


Can try LiteSafe™ Centrifuge Tubes, they come in 1.5mL, 15mL and 50mL. They are black and complety opaque. I use the 1.5mL to store QPCR probes.