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where to buy oligos? - and get them shipped to Turkey? (Feb/20/2009 )

As my current oligo vendor changed their system of payment, much to my disadvantage, I am looking for a new vendor which povides high quality oligos at a cheap price (say about 0.22$ per base,). The thing is, I am in Turkey, so shipment is a problem. I would love it if this vendor had an discount agreement with fedex, etc. (You can't ask for too much, right? :lol:)
thanx for all responses.


hi raghar,

i don't know about the shipment to turkey, but when i was back in Mexico i used to order primers from a company called integrated DNA technologies (aka idtdna). they were cheaper than sigma, arrived faster and worked well (for me). however, they are located in the US and it might take a bit longer for your oligos to arrive and shipment might be a bit more expensive.




I order my oligos from Ocimum Biosolutions and they are of good quality.
there lab is in Netherlands so sending to Turkey may not be the problem
You can visit or you can email at
for more information.