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Chikungunya Virus Culture - Chikungunya Virus culture in mammalian cells form serum sample of huma (Feb/19/2009 )

Hello all,
I can infect vero-76 cell lines with chikungunya virus standerd strains. But under same conditions I can not grow human serum containing viral RNA. Any suggestion :lol: ?



You need a way of getting the RNA into the cells so that it can integrate and allow expression, try RNA extracting from the serum, then transfecting.


if you have serum with CHIKV initially you need to infect the the serum with C6/36 cell line (a mosquito cell line.) once it is growing i,e if you observe any cytopatic changes then purify the virus by using centrifugation methods and use this virus to infect your cell line.
why you r unable to grow the virus in V ero cell line ,, the main reason is in human serum only very small number of virus will be there generally.. with this small virus can not show any changes in Vero cell lines,, where as the mosquitio cell line is very sensitive to the virus, if you infect the human serum with C6/36 cell line if small number of virus is there means that will grow enormously that can be purify and can be used for infecting the other cell line to see the morphological changes....