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RNA isolation from jellyfish tissue - Anyone has experience? (Feb/14/2009 )

Dear all,

I have searched and read all your posts related to RNA extraction from variety of samples. However, there is no discussion about that on jellyfish in which I am in stuck :lol: .
I tried to extract total RNA from tissue of moon jelly (fresh and frozen with RNAlater) several times but I got very low yield of RNA (about 40-120 ng/Ál) of length less than 1 kb. I also did not see bands of rRNAs on denature formaldehyde agarose gels. I used Qiagen RNaesy kit and Takara isogen reagent and protocols.
The control sample, Dorosophila larvae resulted in good RNA. I do not know what is wrongh here. Is it jellyfish tissue content is very low RNA because of lot of water or callogen?
Has anyone tried RNA isolation on jellyfish? Please help me.
Many thanks in advance!



try this article:

Bulina ME, Lukyanov KA, Yampolsky IV, Chudakov DM, Staroverov DB, Shcheglov AS, Gurskaya NG, Lukyanov S. New class of blue animal pigments based on Frizzled and Kringle protein domains.
J Biol Chem. 2004 Oct 15;279(42):43367-70. Epub 2004 Aug 5.