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Amaxa siRNA - (Feb/13/2009 )

I am using Amaxa kit to knock down a transcription factor expression in SK-N-SH cells, but got off-target effect.. Do you know anyway to fix this? I'm thinking if I cause apotosis.


Do you mean using Amaxa nuclefection kit? How did you know it is off-target effect? If indeed the siRNA caused off target effects, you should redesign another siRNA targeting the same gene and do a thorough homology search.
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Would recommend you try this tool ( and see if you're getting off target effects by miRNA-like binding.

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Amaxa transfection generates a degree of apoptosis in most of the cell types. did you include mock transfected control(cells+reagent alone) during each experiment..then you will know the %apoptosis due to the electrocution alone.
hope this helps.