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cheap sybr green reagent - (Feb/13/2009 )


Teh sybr green from Invitrogen is too costly for my lab to afford these days. We're looking at alternatives and if half teh amount can be used instead of teh reommended 10ul of sybr green in a 20ul reaction?

Any suggestions?


1 mL of 10,000x SYBR Green I is $382.
That's $0.382/uL of 10,000x.
A 20 uL reaction containing 1x SYBR Green I costs $0.00076.
Or 10,000,000 uL (10 liters) of 1x SYBR Green I for $382.
That's a lot of PCR reactions. Can you split the costs with another lab?


First you can use 10 ul/reaction. That is our routine on a 7300 machine. If you have a fast machine, that won't have any problme at all.

2nd, you can get cheaper SYBR mix from alternative vendors such as from