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Which Electrophoresis Gel documentation system you like - (Feb/11/2009 )

We are going to buy a new electrophoresis gel documentation system and want to get feedback from you which system you like best. thanks.


My lab bought a UVP gel documentation system 3 years ago. The hardware was good but the software which controlled the system was prone to freezing. Every 2 or 3 days of continued use, you had to close the programme and restart it.


I liked the setup from Bio-Rad and it was good. With Kodak, it just did not have the sensitivity but then it was old.


I had use alpha innotech, UVP and Bio-Rad and I love Bio-Rad's Gel doc. Easy to use, I can photograph big gels. Is a little bit costly than other systems but is worth the $$$.



Make sure you buy the additional things which helps u quantify the gel, its a gr8 help specially in estimating protein and DNA concentrations. We have a good gel doc but miss this component :lol:


-T C-

I've used alpha innotech and gave it a 5 out of 10.
The software was the main problem.

Lately I've been using DNR Bio-Imaging Systems.
It works with any software and I can do Et-Br staining, chemiluminescence……
I've even taken picts of ponceau-western blots with it.