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protein disapeared from gel! - (Feb/03/2009 )

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APS that is older than one week is fine (in general), but I suggest replacing Aps and Temed anyway with new ones, maybe the problem is with the polymerization of the gel...

weird though


Bad gel series coming soon

Series 2

We've got new coomassie blue. We took the previous gels which are dry and contracted and put those gels to Coom.What do you expect? nothing, right? we saw lots of bands clearly.We thought that yes this was the problem, coomassie blue and then casted new gel with new markers,fresh tris buffers and running buffers.Markers are OK. there is no problem in running of markers. At the end, when we put the gel to Coom. again the same result.Thre is no protein on the gel.However, we are sure that there are some as we checked previuos gels with new coom.

for the appearance of gel at the photo, we are thinking that it is due to overloading.the samples are spreading on the gel.What do you think?
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