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Apoptosis Protocol - Abcam (Feb/01/2009 )

Introduction to apoptosis

Annexin V detection protocol

Apoptosis induction protocol

Caspase detection protocol

DNA fragmentation analysis protocol

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Why can't dendritic cells proliferate? Because it is widely believed that after the formation of an IMMUNOLOGICAL SYNAPSE there is BIDIRECTIONAL SIGNALING rather that unidirectional! But still there seems to be some factor behind this that prevents DCs from proliferating? This could be true in the viewpoint of macrophages too, which also cannot divide by itself, being a nucleated cell!!! Can someone answer this? I think some CELL BIOLOGIST could pinpoint as to why DCs and Macrophages cannot proliferate upon external stimuli!!


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I myself found that I always tend to go to the old Boehringer Mannheim Apoptosis and Cell Death manual if I have a question in this area. It is out of print for a long time, but fortunately available as PDF download from the current Roche site:

What I really like about the manual is that it clearly introduces differences between apoptosis, cell death, cytotoxity, and cell proliferation and explains what tools can be used to distinguish and measure these processes. Most scientists I have met, even card-carrying cell biologists, confuse the differences between the apoptosis, cell death, and cytotoxity at least on some level so it helps to refer to this guide if you are not sure of the difference.

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