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Microarray chip - (Feb/01/2009 )

Hello to all,
I am PhD student, I am working on the study of RNAI in acute leukemias, and I am using the microarray in my experiments.
Actually i cann't decide which chip should i be using to study the abnormalities in signal transduction pathway?
Any recommendation!!!
Thank you in advance :)



do you at least know which system are you using? mouse cell lines, human cell lines etc? Whichever model system you are using, I would go to Affymetrix website and check what kind of arrays they have for that system.
If you are trying to apply techniques of RNAi then essentially you are trying to knock-out the genes. Tn such case, regular arrays should be fine.

IMHO, affymetrix is expensive but good option to go for rather than cDNA arrays.


Dear friend ,

ABRF recently published a study on "ABRF Study Explores microRNA Array Platforms"

They have mentioned that Illumina becomes best over Affy, Agilent, Exiqon:

"The Illumina platform was the most sensitive, detecting 1,146 miRNAs, while the TaqMan assay detected 673. The Affy, Agilent, and Exiqon platforms detected 847, 723, and 732 miRNAs, respectively".

I hope it helps you to decide on platform.

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