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Important literature for real time PCR users - Important documents for beginners as well as advanced users (Jan/29/2009 )

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Anyone have the next paper?
Bonefeld BE, Elfving B, Wegener G: Reference genes for normalization: a study of rat brain tissue.
Synapse 2008, 62:302-309.



check your pm.



Like MIAME for microarray paper, MIQE is a useful guideline for those who want to do qPCR.

The aim of MIQE, coordinated by a group of research-active scientists and coordinated under the umbrella of MIBBI (Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations) is to provide authors, reviewers and editors specifications for the minimum information that must be reported for a qPCR experiment in order to ensure its relevance, accuracy, correct interpretation and repeatability. A checklist, which should be submitted along with the paper, is available for authors in preparing a manuscript employing qPCR.

Here is the website:
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very useful and thx a lot


The following article I found especially interesting concerning use of reference genes for normalization. Please note that I have already highlighted this article - sorry if that is bothersome!

Thanks for all the other ones you posted!

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This is great tea-test thank-you so much! I have just started molecular biology and qPCR so this is amazing!

-phosphate girl-

Thanks also Sanjiun and flammaefata - such a great help!

-phosphate girl-

It should be very usefull, thanks a lot!


Thank you very much for these compiled protocols. I would like to read something about HRM curve analysis using SYBR green on an Applied Biosystem 7500 RT-PCR. Actually that is the PCR in my Lab and I have to do HRM with it.
Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


thank you for these papers!

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