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2d gel analysis software??? - (Jan/28/2009 )

Does anyone know a reliable and free downloadable software for 2D gel analysis??




Once i tried to download the freely available software for 2D gel comparison but they don't work after some time.still you can try-


Ludesi have a campaign during the summer and you can analyze 2d gels for free with their REDFIN software (


I've tried a lot of 2D analysis trials but always ended back up at imagej.


Can anyone tell me how to do densitometry on 2D gel spots (or point me in the direction of a tutorial)? I have found out how to do 1D spots, but not yet seen how to do this for 2D.


it should be similar to 1d. what software are you using?

imagej has a 2d plug-in.

if you are just interested in integrating the spot then just do it the same way as 1d.