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PCR quantification - (Jan/28/2009 )

Hello all wise peoples. Im conducting end point PCRs using a number of different primers pairs which im comparing to a baseline reading primer constant between conditions. Im told that using image J and some of its associated plugins i can quantify my pcr bands and and produce ratios relative to the baseline reading which can then be compared to each other. I had a search on the web but didnt realy manage to find any real help. Can anyone help, either by explaining the process itself or pointin me in the direction of someone/something that can? Any assistance would be realy appreciated, quantifying my results would add much weight to the project im doing.




For quantitating PCR bands, imageJ is not a very uesful tool. If you can find a old program called Gel Lab, it will help a lot.

You should go for real qPCR.