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hydrogen peroxide calculation - conversion from % to molarity (Jan/28/2009 )

Hi all,

I need a simple calculation, i.e conversion of 30% H2O2(FW 34.5) to 2mM H2O2
Is this right. molarity=%*10/FW

thanx :angry:



Use this

Molarity= (weight in grams/FW in grams)*(1000/volume in mL)

If you % is weight/volume then you can use it directly (chk the formula you gave, I think its wrong, but not sure...too tired to chk it <_<), if its volume/volume then you need to get the weight by using density that will be given on the bottle.

Hope it helps.


-T C-

I did the conversion for 96% sulfuric acid as follow:


30% H2O2 will have a density of 1.11 and FW of 34.01 ( So it'll arrive at about 9.7M. From here, it's M1V1=M2V2 <_<


Thank a lot TC anf dreamchaser