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Handbook of Biological Statistics - (Jan/28/2009 )

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I find this site quite useful!

Handbook of Biological Statistics, online version


Thank you, gebirgsziege

This thread is pinned.

-Minnie Mouse-

I have recently cleared my biostats course i wish i had seen this thread before.:P


Very disappointed. I thought it was going to have interesting statistics, not just how to calculate boring ones! But that's just me, deep as a monolayer.


quite useful! thank you!


Also check this free online tools for faster results.
I hope this will help you.


-Sara Jackson-

I find another site with a great tutorial


Really Useful Thanks.. :lol:

-barry bert-

Well friend you have shared such a nice source of information that will really help us
thank ..


hello this is lizz i am student of bio informatics can you suggest me books for that

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