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Bioperl and Biojava - difference (Nov/10/2004 )

Please tell what is the difference between Bioperl and Biojava.Which is the better one to use in our programming.I am very new in bioinformatics .if anyone give me the answer better it will be.



Most bioinformatics programming is done in Perl so BioPerl would be my recommendation. However it depends on what you want to do and how much experience you have with each. In my opinion BioPerl is probably a little harder to learn that BioJava, mostly because Perl is harder than Java, however the BioPerl libraries are also a little more confusing and it might not be as easy to find what you want as with BioJava.


I agree with dlaw. It really depends on your experience. I think perl is easier to learn than Java and Perl is good at sequence manipulation. Even you are a bench researcher, knowing some perl will help a lot.