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full length of amino acid sequences? - (Oct/13/2004 )

where can we get the full length of amino acid sequences? i have very little bioinformatic background so please the more you explain the better it would be.

thank you!


You can search some databases:

NCBI protein database:


thanks raijecell!

so if i want protein sequences then i go for protein databases and if i want nucleotide sequences then i go for nucleotide databases?

i don't have much about bioinformatic do you know where i can learn or any books i can buy which is easy to understand?



Almost all databases hosted by NCBI are cross referenced. When you have found a nucleotide (cDNA) sequence, you can find a link to the protein sequence and visa versa.

Want to learn some basic bioinformatics? just explore the NCBI web site which provides various tutorials.


thanks, raijcell!

i will surf around.... :D
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