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Lactate vs. lactic acid - (Aug/12/2020 )

Hello everyone,


I am new to here. I would like have some cell culture questions clarified. I always wonder when people say lactate production will lower pH. I thought lactate itself is the conjugate base of lactic acid, which will lower pH.


But lactate is not the same as lactic acid right, although they are related and can be converted from one form to another. I was thinking adding lactate will increase the pH and buffering capacity.


This question also applies to these acid and conjugate base (or reverse) on the pH of cell culture.


Really appreciate if someone can clarify that. Thanks a lot!




-Sunny Hung-

While it’s true that “ate” generally indicates a salt of the acid, the term is also often used as shorthand for the acid. When duplicating a recipe, you should ensure that you use the correct form (although, you can always use the acid and adjust the pH).


as for the salt raising the pH, true but may still fall on the acidic side.


acid plus conjugate base are often used in equimolar solutions to prepare buffers.