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Running Novex type precasts on BioRad Mini Protean - (Sep/09/2019 )

Hi, we got into a bit shamefull situation, we have Invitrogen precast Novex gradient gel and Biorad Mini Protean tetra-call and found just too late, it is not compatible (Novex being thicker and without the "dent" that the BioRad rubber has). All around everyone have only BioRad systems.

Novex should be run on XCell SureLock cells, but colleague is quite positive he use a different more BioRad-like apparatus to run the same gels it in other lab.

It would need to be another system, that is Novex compatible (i.e. has a flat rubber and thicker cassettes fit it), is it possible to get something that would make it compatible with Protean cells?

Any input appreciated, we got ourselves into quite a problem. Thanks.


I don't know if this is any help but the Hoeffer systems used to be compatible with the Invitrogen systems including Novex.


I don't think you can make the two compatible - the Bio-rad gels are shorter, so I think you could possibly run those on an Invitrogen system, but not the other way around.


Thanks bob1.
We didn't found other options, but at least we managet to get the XCell tank.