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Tissue homogenizer? - (Jan/07/2019 )

Dear all,

Happy new year to everyone!

I need to buy a tissue homogenizer with plastic avtoclavable probes for hard tissues. I will use it mainly for RNA isolation, so I need a good yield and quality.

Since I operate with large number of samples, the liquid nitrogen is not a solution for me. I recently used it, it is time consuming an the results are too variable.

In the past I had a very good experience with the Omni tissue homogenizer (TH220), supplemented with plastic probes for hard tissues. The isolations of RNA from skeletal muscles with it were really quick and good. Unfortunately, the shipping costs from USA to Europe are very expensive. If possible, I would like to diminish them.

Could anyone recommend me a good replacament of this homogenizer, that could be bought in Europe?


Check the brand Ika.