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Hae III preparation for agarose gel electrophoresis - (Jun/22/2018 )

My first time running this analysis. I'm going to purchase the Hae III enzyme that comes with Cut Smart buffer and gel loading dye. I haven't been able to find the instructions on how to prepare this, do I mix the content of all 3 tubes together? or do I add them separately to my PCR reaction?




Restriction enzymes are used to digest DNA sequences for a variety of purposes - analysis and cloning being the two most common. What is it exactly that you are trying to do?


and the enzyme, buffer and dye should come with instructions (and are usually available online).


in general, you add buffer, dna, water and enzyme together, incubate for a period of time determined by incubation temperature, enzyme reaction speed, amount of enzyme, and amount of dna in reaction. add loading buffer to stop the reaction. load onto gel.