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Plasmid distributors for Luciferase Assay? - (Apr/03/2018 )

Any of you can provide me a list with different distributors to buy the reporter plasmids for Dual Luciferase Assay?


I mean, plasmids with the 3'UTR of my gen of interest.


Thank you.


It is uncommon to find reporter plasmids with the specific sequence you want - the most likely thing is that you will have to clone this sequence into the desired reporter. You could try addgene ( as one site that might have what you are looking for.


For luciferase the pGL3 series of plasmids are the common ones to use. Promega is the usual supplier.


Thanks Thelymitra pulchella, we know it.


I locate at least one distributor with the 3'UTR of my interest, so I would like to know if any other could have it to compare prices.