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Neuron transfection - (Jan/24/2018 )

I want to transfect a protein inhibitor to hippocampal neurons to see if the inhibitor will inhibit the protein interaction. 

I want to know how can I do this using Lipofectamine? 

Do I dilute my peptide in the lipofectamine reagent and proceed as per the manual?



-Mad Researcher-

Transfection is the process by which nucleic acids are introduced into mammalian cells. You can use plasmid DNA , mRNA, RNAi or CRISPR/Cas9 for the transfection and for each one there is a type of lipofectamine that suits better to each type of sample.  So maybe to deliver a peptide inside a cell you can use a liposome or a Cell-penetrating peptides, or CPPs, are short peptides that can facilitate cellular uptake of a variety of molecular cargo. CPPs (sometimes also called protein transduction domains).