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How to move tissue plates quietly in incubator (weird question) - (Aug/24/2017 )

I have this very weird but rather a serious problem. I should be caring about several 96well tissue culture plates, but as they are in the back of the incubator, only attempt to move them forward to the door is to slide them first.

This creates an absolutelly unbearable crieking sound for me (I do have a sensoric hypersensitivity of a kind, due to ASD). It's like a needle to the brain, it could totally paralyze me. Not only it's painfull to listen to it, it makes me unable to move them this way on my own sad.png


The plates are heavy (stacked), and can't be safely lifted from the back (and I suppose they are in the back on purpose, either to limit evaporation or something) and even when moving very slowly (which leaves incubator open for a long time, not optimal) they criek and I have to stop and take out the virtual needle from my brain. I was wondering if there is any tip from experienced people on how to avoid this. I did put them closer to edge, but I worry they may have been in the back on purpose. Also I though of putting it onto someting that doesn't criek, but it hs to be sterile or washable at least.

Not really wanting to ask my colleages about it, since, well it is kind of weird and I'm rather new there.

Thanks for any tips.


We used to use plastic dinner trays (e.g. here), which you can get just about anywhere - they are washable, and cheap enough that they are readily disposable in the event of breakage. They also limit spillage and make it easier to carry lots of plates. The down side is that they don't warm up fast and can limit air circulation (and heat as a result) in the incubator, which is the reason that the shelving has holes; I guess you could drill holes in them if needed.


You can also get things like this list: