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Using modified CFP and YFP plasmids for FRET assay - (May/11/2017 )

Does anybody have plasmids pAquaN1 and Citrine-C1? I relied on Addgene but during checkout found out they don't have these pklasmids anymore. These plasmids contain modified yellow and cyan fluorescent protein genes which I need for FRET experiments. Will be happy for any suggestions


I assume the genes are <1kb like traditional fluorescent proteins? If so, $150 each you can just order a (codon optimized) Gblock with restriction sites/homology ends for simple one-step cloning into your vector without the hassle of MTA's, streaking cells, growing up cells, miniprepping, making primers, PCRing, etc.


I am a big fan of what Addgene is doing...but if you're just after a particular gene (as opposed to a specific vector or cell line) it is often more convenient and cheaper (when factoring in labor and time) to order the Gblock to obtain the desired gene since downstream cloning is easier and you have the freedom to order whatever you wish without being restricted of what is publicaly available.