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wnt/beta catenin signalling - (Jan/18/2017 )



I'm working on the Wnt/beta-signalling pathway.


We observed something interesting and woud apprecuate if someone could shed some light on this.  Treatment of our drug increaes total beta-catenin protein levels but it decreases its target genes (cmyc and DKK1). I find this puzzling.  I thought an increase in beta catenin would increase expression of downstream target genes.  


Perhaps another factor in the nucleus is preventing binding of beta-catenin/TCF to wnt target gene? I cannt think of another explanation.





That's odd, especially for c-Myc. DKK1 acts in a negative feedback loop to down regulate Wnt signaling so perhaps if you look later (aka allow cells to be in treatment longer), you might see an increase in DKK1. As for c-Myc, it might be the opposite, you might have to look earlier then expected to catch that increase. May I ask what drug, what are you exactlydoing treatment wise? Cell line?