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Greenhouse for education - (Oct/11/2016 )

Dear Sir/Madam,

I study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Hanze University of Groningen. I am working on Automatic Greenhouse and making market research.
I would be glad if you answer several questions for my research.
The greenhouse that we are building will be able to measure amount of light, soil humidity, air humidity, soil/air temperature, O2 level, CO2 level, chemicals in a soil(depending on demands), temperature of leaves, height of plant, and extra parameters if there is special necessity for them. All data will be shown in a clear way on the screen of any PC and saved in txt. and exe. files.
According to the data that sensors receive and demands of a grower, a greenhouse will be able to adjust humidity, light, temperature, etc. The greenhouse could control 6 pots with plants. 
We hope, that our greenhouse could help students to study Biology in the most efficient way and take account of all parameters that are important for plants.
  1. Do you like the product idea “Automatic greenhouse for study”?
  2. Are you interested in such kind of greenhouse? Why?
  3. What price will be appropriate for you to buy it?
  4. What could be improved? Suggestions? 
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 

-Max Kyryliuk-

Sounds interesting...most important point will be surely the costs.

The size seems quite small...with 6 pots, the type of experiments that could be done with sufficient number of replications is quite small, and climate chambers, growing chambers also might can do the job.

Other points:

Adjustable/ modifiable light quality (not only intensity), e.g. different LED types.

Ease of use (some companies seem to have nerds (perhaps too nice word for these dudes) that design/program the user interface and software, incomprehensible without engineer-diploma dry.png )

Portable and foldable would be an option, if you use them not all the time but e.g. for practical courses and space is needed otherwise in the meantime.