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cell invasion assay - (Sep/18/2016 )



I plan to conduct cell invasion assay on my stable cells in the future. I've never done this assay and would appreciate any advice.


I would like to know how do I know what type of basement matrix to chose prior to ordering the assay kit i.e. collagen I invasion assay, lamini I invasion assay etc. Do I do a qPCR to analyze the changes in various extracellular membrane proteins prior to ordering the assay with the appropriate matrix to test?







There are plenty of publications giving details about how and what you need for the invasion assays - you can find videos as well.


For the commercially available plates, the basement usually coated with matrigel, which is a mixture of the ECMs - that typically includes collagen and some other materials. 


Sorry, but I can't see any obvious purpose to do the qPCR before doing the assay, unless you have treatment - so you are comparing treated and untreated cells after/before the invasion assay.