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The true monomers making RNA and DNA ? - (Sep/01/2016 )

Hello everyone, I am having a trouble with my research. It is about two matters, my matters occurs in this pictures (I have looked up all on the internet but only this one tell the most of my problem having now)
1> What is the nucleotides inside RNA and DNA ?
Definition of the modern biology a nucleotides have 3 parts: 1 to 3 phosphate groups, a pentose and a nitrogenous base
Definition of the classic biology: a nucleotides have 3 parts: ONE PHOSPHATE group, a pentose and a nitrogenous base (also know as the nucleobase)
So what is the kind of nucleotides made up of  RNA and DNA ? Since the nucleotide nowadays are wider in its meaning. This is very significant to me as I read a lot of books but no book claim clearly the nucleotide that makes RNA and DNA is the nucleoside monophosphate.
2> In the picture (Taken from biology-page by Kimball)
He states that nucleoside triphosphate --becoming--> nucleoside monophosphate -becoming--> RNA or DNA. But on the other sources there is nothing mentioning about this.
P/s: I would be very happy if anyone could help me out with a reliable source.

-Shouhei Blaser-

The wikipedia article on nucleotide explains it pretty well.