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One of the patented application publication has similarity to my research projec - (May/30/2016 )

I came across a patent on a vaccine study and found it bears some similarity to my current project. 


Basically, the vaccine designed in the patent aiming at the same viral protein which my project is targeting too.


But of course my method of preparation is different. Expression system of the recombinant viral protein is also different.


So I am wondering here, will this affect my publication later? 


I don't know much about how a patent works, just wondering can someone bogarts an idea generally instead of specifically? 





-Meg P. Anula-

Generally patents are for specific instances, but it depends on the patent and where it was taken out as to the details. Check with your technology licencing office - they should be able to tell you if you could infringe someone else's patent.


If the other people haven't published on the topic then it shouldn't jeopardize your chances of publication, even if they have, it may not affect you depending on the exact topic they published and what you intend to publish. Patents generally don't count in the scientific peer review system.