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Neurotoxicity of acrylamide - (Mar/18/2016 )

I was taught that it is only toxic when in liquid form. Is it also toxic in solid form? I've handled gels (infrequently) with bare hands before...

-Michael Starr-

AFAIK not, only as a monomeric form. But I wouldn't do that with bare hands, though. But if you did it infrequently.. these is some amount of acrylamide in several foods, fried or olives and such, so it's unlikely it did you any harm.


once polymerized, acrylamide can no longer penetrate the cells and is no longer toxic. when handling a gel one should be aware that not all of the acrylamide will be polymerized. the remaining monomer may be removed during the electrophoretic run so should be benign.