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Storing membrane after antibody incubation - (Feb/03/2016 )

Hi guys,


I have incubated my pvdf membrane with HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies and washed with TBST, but due to some problem I plan to leave it for few days without developing it with HRP substrate. 


Can I soak the membrane in TBST and kept at 4c for few days before I developing the membrane?

Or do I have to repeat primary and secondary antibodies incubation again using the same membrane after few days?


Please advise on proper storage of the membrane if anyone knows.


Thanks in advance.

-Meg P. Anula-

I don't know what to recommend for proper storage but I wouldn't trust any results you get from leaving the primary and secondary antibodies on for such an extended period of time.  I would expect significantly reduced signal.


i would leave out the tween, just use tbs or pbs with blocking agent to store the membrane.


i still wouldn't leave it for too long but should be stable enough for a few days.