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Possible to change SimpleProbe/Melting curve to TaqMan or Scorpion? - (Feb/01/2016 )



I am new to a soybean breeding project at my university. I have inherited three real-time SNP markers for MAS (Marker Assisted Selection). I have only dabbled in real-time before now.


All three have been designed as SimpleProbes/melting curve assays, I assume because that was most convenient for the original researchers. In our lab, it would be helpful to have TaqMan or Scorpion assays.


If I have all of the sequences, is there any reason I couldn't convert these?




One word: sensitivity.


In general it is not a good idea to change assay halfway through a project as this can result in difficulties comparing earlier and later results. It can be done however, if there is extensive validation of the new assay in comparison to the old.