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HTP DNA and RNA extraction options??? - (Jan/20/2016 )

I'm starting a microbiome project using 576 precious clinical trial samples. I will be doing a DNA based microbiome project, as well as RT-qPCR with RNA from the same samples.


Does anyone have experience with kits that extract DNA and RNA? Would anyone recommend duel nucleic acid extraction? Or is it better to pay the extra price (in consumables and labour) and do the extractions separately? 


Also, we do have equipment for HTP magnetic kits in our lab, so these types of kits are an option for me. 


Thanks for any suggestions, comments or advice.


If the sample is limited better to maximize it.   You can use the magnetic beads or a kit that extract both nucleic acids.  I used the Illustra kit from GE life sciences.  Good and easy and not so expensive.  You can extract DNA, RNA and proteins from each sample.  


You do a good researchsmile.png..

-Ashlay Donlad-