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Expression of amino acid content - (Dec/01/2015 )

Hi all, I came across in an article, the method of expression of an amino acid content in a food as, "g amino acid per 16 g of nitrogen". Can anybody tell me why the value 16  is involved?




It seems that 16g nitrogen is equivalent to 100g of protein  (i.e. the N content of protein is 16% of mass). I have no idea why they don't just say protein, but I guess it will be because there are other N sources available?


Hi, Thanks for the comment. Sure enough there are other N sources in a food like grains, and usually N analysis done by the Kjehldal method. May be there are other accurate methods of amino acid analysis.


Could you just post the url of the article? Or there are detail explains in the article?

-Andrea Fortina-