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Peptide Synthesis - (Nov/12/2015 )

Hey, I want to conduct an experiment about peptide synthesis but I never did this before. I have to make it anyway, so any suggestions? Procedures, instruments, safety problems, etc.  I'll appreciate that a lot. 

-Chloe Mica-

order it from a company that makes synthesized peptides unless you have a synthesizer at your disposal (in which case the instructions that come with it will answer all your questions).


You can check out it in some companies.As I know,some companies can do it well and the price is not high.Or you you can try phage display method(screening or construction).Hope this can help you!

-Therapeutic Antibodies-

Creative Peptides can synthesize peptides of length up to 200 AA. Peptides of 50-70 AA can be obtained by direct chemical synthesis. Longer peptides can be generated by chemically linking several synthetic peptide components. Proteins can also be chemically synthesized. There are some Peptide Synthesis infomation for you, hope to help you !

-Zoe Winslet-