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Concentration of Sample Buffer to boil protein samples - (Oct/12/2015 )

We need 10 ml 1X Sample Buffer to boil our protein samples before performing SDS-PAGE. The protocol of 5X Sample Buffer is given below.
Sample Buffer (5X) :
 4 ml glycerol
 2 ml -mercaptoethanol
 1 g SDS
 1 ml from 1% bromophenolblue stock solution
Finally, we add Tris/HCl (pH 6,8) buffer until the total volume become 10 ml.
a) Calculate final percentages (%) of these listed chemicals which are found in 1X Sample Buffer and indicate the type of ratio (v/v or w/v) that you used for each.
b-) Your friend wants to know final Molarity concentration of each chemical in order to use in her final project. Calculate the Molarity (M) of each chemical in 1X Sample Buffer.
Can anyone help me to calculate this problem about SDS-PAGE?

-Burak Kaan Yasdı-

these are simple arithmetic problems (that belong in the "homework" forum). final concentrations, either percentages or molarities, are determined by dividing all initial concentrations by 5.


by the way, you omitted the concentration of the tris-hcl buffer so, even if we wanted to do your arithmetic for you, we can't give a complete answer.


thanks dude

-Burak Kaan Yasdı-