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What's happen to pre-sterilized syringe filter that had been expired? - (Oct/06/2015 )

Anybody know what will happen to the syringe filter that had been expired?

Is it lost sterility or lost its filtration capability or else?

Can it be used in any kind of experiment?






Most probably it lost its filtration capability. The material it is made of may have lost integrity, it's easier to break and holes may form in it when you apply pressure. 


it depends on how long past its expiration date.


some things will degrade (as eviltwin said). most of the time how long that may take depends on storage conditions.


however, if the filter is in an unopened package then it is probably still sterile. also, the filtration ability won't mysteriously be lost immediately after the expiration date.


the expiration date is required for clinical purposes.


Thank you EvilTwin and mdfenko, it already five years expired. I think I better throw them away cause filtration ability is the matter.


It could be useful to compare a new filter to an expired filter.  I recently have experienced this in concentrating a solution containing proteins where it is also very good to save the flowthrough to detect anything that may have escaped due to a damaged filter.  I would assume that filters hold up over time if they have not been used whether they by nylon or whatever.


You could always flush the filter with a sterile solution if you are worried about sterility and not the integrity of the filter, but then it isn't clear what you are filtering.


my 2 cents...