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pIKK antibody for western blot (RAW 264.7 cells) - any recommendations? - (Aug/30/2015 )

Hi everyone!

Can anyone recommend a good pIKK antibody for western blot? we have checked pIKK in RAW 264.7 cells and it was ok with an old stock of antibodies, but then we ordered the new one vial (seems to be same catalog number), but result looks so bad that we cannot see any difference between samples, background is very high. We tried different ways to reduce background but still no result: the signal is very low and background is too high. I feel there is a problem with the stock so I would like to order another one, maybe different vendor.

we have been using pIKKalpha/beta from Cell Signaling cat #2697L


If you tried any other antibodies and got good results please let me know the catalog number, we will try it!


thank you in advance!


Hi, from your description I understand you want to study the same phosphorylations in IKKα/β, that is Ser176 and 180. By searching in Labome's VAD (validated antibody database), and filtering for "mouse" reactivity and "western blot" application, you can see all antibodies used in recent publications:


There are two other antibodies that can be good alternatives: one from Bioss (cited once) and one from Abcam (cited 5 times).


I hope this helps.