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E-Cadherin Expression in OAW-42 Cells - (Aug/27/2015 )

I have not been able to confirm this but this is something I will be doing in my own project in due time.


I was wondering how E-cadherin can still be expressed in this cell line? (known from research), in my previous project I did do, I found the knockdown of CLDN3 to downregulate Twist and found there was an association and expected E-cadherin to be decreased. However, in another paper SNAIL & SLUG are not expressed in OAW-42 cells and therefore is predicted to maintain E-cadherin's expression, I'm really confused on how this can be, if anyone can kindly suggest any literature to dig into or give a helpful response, will really appreciate it.


Thank you


I dont know if my comment can be helpful or not,
but when I read something in a paper against what I really saw by experiment, the first thing come to my mind, that cells are changed not the same.
you know, alot of labs do not examine the cell authenticity.

may be their cells are not authentic, or ur cells are not authentic.

or millions of reasons


can u read this???