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Some bands transferred, some not..? Why??? - (Aug/14/2015 )

Hello researchers,


I did a Western with several lysates of different cell lines, always treated with DMSO or a drug (always the same).

After Ponceau staining, I see that some cell lines did not get transferred - either the high molecular proteins or even any bands. I treated all cell pellets the same way - used RIPA buffer to lyse them and added the same sample buffer, so I really don't have a clue what happened...? It does not look like bubbles or anything because it is very restricted to the two lanes of the same cell lines.


Thanks a lot for any advice!




are you sure that you loaded protein in those lanes (do you have a stained gel or have you stained the gel post-transfer)?


there may be too little to see with ponceau. have you tried immunostaining?


(pictures would help with diagnosis)