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Protein localisation - IHC - (Jul/23/2015 )

Hi all,

So I've been investigating the localisation of two proteins within cells, using immunofluorescence. However, I've not done much immunofluorescence before, and so don't really know what different cellular components look like using this technique. Can anyone take a look at my images and suggest where they think these proteins may be localised so I have a few targets for some co-localisation studies? Thanks.


Attached Image


Are these confocal images?

Both proteins are clearly non-nuclear and protein A seems more at the membrane than protein B but beyond that, you can't really tell because your images for A and for B are clearly not at the same focal plane. 


That's why the cellular processes are more obvious in column A than in column B. Try retaking images making an extra effort to be at the same level in the cells and then we'll see what conclusions we can draw.