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Is the mycoplasma that infects cell culture dangerous to humans? - (Jul/22/2015 )

I understand there are different strains/species of mycoplasma that infect cell culture, but in my reading of them there are no warnings of how dangerous they are to humans.  


There is some danger to humans, but it is fairly limited. The most significant infections are caused by 4 species (Mycoplasma spp. pneumoniae, hominis, genitalium and Ureaplasma sp.), of which M. pneumoniae is the most common and significant - you can guess the infection from the name... They usually reside in the mucosa and don't normally invade the submucosa unless immunosuppressed.


I am sure it has happened, but it I have never heard of anyone getting infected from cell culture - as far as I know, the most common sources are swimming pools, hospitals, and similar environments.