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Concentration of protease from bacillus sp. in a liquid form? - (Jul/11/2015 )



I am part of a research project where I was tasked with deciding how much protease to add to a sample of soil. We ordered this product form Sigma Aldrich.


I have much to learn about molecular and microbiology for I am new to the subject, but from what I have read only solid forms of this product have been used for what we are trying to do. It says that it has greater than or equal to 16 U/gram, but the product was purchased in a liquid form. What does that mean for the concentration of the product? What is the protease dissolved in? I am not sure where to find this much needed information (I emailed customer service but I am still awaiting a reply). I need to know the concetration of the liquid in order to know how much to use for my experiment. Is there any way to tell? I hope this question makes some sort of sense.


Thanks guys!


on the webpage you link, click on "safety & documentation".


then look in the "documents" section, under "certificate of analysis", you will see a download link for the "specification sheet". this will give you all the information that you need.