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calculating concentration from % - (Jul/06/2015 )



If you know the percentage of a solution   then how can u calculate its concentration  ?  or is it the same thing


for example if you had something diluted 1 in 2 times,  and the percentage of that is 50% ,  how wil u calculate the concentration of it  ?  


help as i am confused






bob1 on Mon Jul 6 20:40:06 2015 said:

Well obviously, I have done that myself, was not clear and that is why came on here for more straightforward answers. Would not ask on here otherwise


You'd be surprised at the number of people who don't do that though...


You need to have a bit more information - if you have the molar mass and density of the solution you can calculate the concentration straight from that (if you don't know the starting concentration that is). If you do know the starting concentration, then the calculation is simple: V1C1=V2C2