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typical mRNA test with huge fold change? Any suggestions - (Jul/03/2015 )


I'm trying to assess whether a novel nucleic acid extraction procedure is compatible with gene expression analysis. The lab has access to micro facilities where my colleagues grow up e.coli etc.

What I would like to demonstrate is that the system can pick up increases/decreases in mRNA levels (there is a chance it will just trash any RNA even though it has been good so far for gDNA/SNPs etc), so my question is:

Can anybody recommend an easy-to-set-up experiment that will cause a big increase in mRNA expression of any gene in e.coli (or other bacterium)? I was thinking something like heat-shock but I'm sure there are much more dramatic examples out there? Can anybody help me out here?



-Dr PCR-

You could redo Nobel winner Jacques Monod's experiments by giving the bacteria different kinds of sugars and watching genes for enzymes being transcribed. Eg. lactose and lactose permease. 

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